Offense Runs Buckeyes Over Bearcats

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After taking off last week with a trip down to Columbus, The Ohio State Buckeyes are back on the field hosting the Cincinnati Bearcats. The Buckeyes went into their bye week with a 2-1 record and were hoping to build off the momentum from their last game.

The Bearcats threw the first punch though as sophomore quarterback Gunner Kiel found redshirt junior wide receiver Chris Moore for a 60 yard touchdown pass. Coming into this game, the secondary play was going to be an issue and we saw that early.

Ohio State did respond though, scoring on their next four drives on the ground and through the air. The defense even stepped up after that initial drive forcing Cincinnati to punt on three of their next four drives. The only one that they didn’t was a fumble forced by sophomore defensive end Joey Bosa.

The Buckeyes looked they were going to roll easily to a victory until freshman running back Curtis Samuel fumbled the ball on a ball where we have stopped at the line of the scrimmage and tried to make something happen. The Bearcats answered this miscue with another touchdown pass from Keil. This one was to junior wide receiver Johnny Holton on a jailbreak screen for 19 yards.

Ohio State moved the ball on their next drive, but with three straight dropped pass at midfield, they punted it back to the Bearcats. The ball was downed on the 3. This didn’t matter to Kiel. After being pushed to a third down and three, he moved the chains with a pass. The very next play he went for it all and got it to Moore again, this time for 83 yards. The Buckeyes saw their 30-7 lead cut down to nine.

The Buckeye offense received the ball to start the half. They took it too the ground, but sputtered after getting inside of the ten yard line. They had to settle for a field goal. The Bearcats answered back on their second play with yet another touchdown pass to Moore, this one for Moore. Trying to answer back, Ohio State continued to pound the ball with sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott. After a penalty, the Buckeyes had to settle for another field goal.

Down 8, Cincinnati tried to make something happen, but after a questionable offensive pass interference penalty, they had to punt it away.

Ohio State put their seal on the game after that. Redshirt freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett added two more passing touchdowns to his total as they sealed the game 50-28.

I have to say that the Buckeye offense looks impressive. Barrett finished the night going 25 for 35 for 324 yards with 4 touchdown passes. He also added 79 yards on fourteen carries. Elliott also has established himself as the featured back in the offense. He rushed the ball 29 times for 188 yards with a touchdown. He also caught four passes for 45 yards as well. The offense showed balanced while still pounding the ball on the ground. Now Cincinnati does not have the best defense, but gaining 710 yards of offense is impressive regardless.

Ohio State’s receivers still have too many drops. I know of at least four that were killers for drives. Barrett also had a few overthrows and at least one that should have been intercepted, but he is settling in more and more it seems every game.

The pass defense still needs to improve. The Buckeyes’ defense gave up 422 yards of offense, 352 of that through the air. A lot of that came on their big plays, 221 of it came on three plays. If those can be prevented, this game has a whole different dynamic as the Bearcats only had one drive that gave them 7 points. The run defense does look good though, giving up only 70 yards. If the offense keeps playing like it does, then the defense should get much needed rest and will find themselves in a lot of passing situations.

Special teams looked good today; there were no big returns on punts or kicks. Freshman kicker Sean Nurenberger also went 2-for-2 with a 42 and 25 yard field goals.

Ohio State will hit the road next week when they open up conference play against 4-1 (1-0) Maryland Terrapins.


The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

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Michael Thomas Run

After a week off, due mostly to The Ohio State Buckeyes playing in prime time last week, I’m back with my analysis of last week’s game as well as this week’s. I will admit, I was pretty upset last week and with the beginning of fantasy football, I was little bit busy, but without further adieu here we go.

The Good against Virginia Tech:

The Buckeyes did some good things against Virginia Tech, but not a lot. There wasn’t a lot that Ohio State could do against the Hokie defense. I will give that to Bud Foster. He told Buckeye redshirt freshman quarterback J.T. Barrett to beat him. Barrett did do some good things like hit redshirt sophomore wide receiver Michael Thomas for a short pass that he took for a 52 yard touchdown reception. Sophomore running back Ezekiel Elliott was also good with 8 attempts for 32 yards and a touchdown. Barrett did throw for 219 yards and a touchdown, but it was on 9 of 29 with 3 interceptions. The defense also played well for part of the night, but I believe the offense coming up short in the redzone and the turnovers put too much pressure on them, which finally caused them to finally fold.

The Bad against Virginia Tech:

I kind of have already started to point out the bad. Barrett’s completion percentage and the turnovers were both bad. True freshman kicker Sean Nuernberger missed both of his make-able field goal attempts. Another bad was the gameplan for the Ohio State offense. They seemed to run pass plays that took too long to develop and put too much pressure on Barrett. He needs to grow up quick with the talent that he has, but he had one game of experience in college and hadn’t played since early in his senior year of high school. He never saw pressure like that in high school and he was asked to do too much. The defense also allowed Virginia Tech to move the ball too easily. They kept them from scoring, but Virginia Tech should not have put up 28 points against their talent.

The Ugly against Virginia Tech:

The pick-six that ended the game was horrible. It was thrown straight at the defender. The interception before it was also another bad overthrow. The offense line looked absolutely horrendous. They kept getting beat by the more experienced defensive line and they could not pick up the blitzes. They didn’t make it any easier on Barrett. Losing to an unranked team at home was also ugly.

I have dwelled on this game long enough, so let’s move to Ohio State’s opponent this week, the 0-2 (0-1) Kent State Golden Flashes.

The line on this game was 30+ in favor of the Buckeyes. As a fan, I do not expect them to usually cover the spread with what I’ve seen over my years as a fan, but that loss to the Hokies sparked something in them today.

The Good against Kent State:

I could say everything was working for Ohio State. Kent State is not as talented and I’m not going to go on and on about how good Ohio State looked against them, because they should look good. The best thing about this game was it allowed head coach Urban Meyer to build confidence as well as to let Barrett and his young team get some valuable game experience. The offensive line did look good today, but again the competition they went up against is not up to their talent level. Barrett also did much better as well. He has lofty numbers going 23 for 30 and throwing for 312 yards with 6 touchdown passes and 1 interception. A lot of this was hitting his receivers in space and allowing them to use their speed and ability, something that should have been done more against Virginia Tech. I also liked to see that they pushed tempo, which a speedy team like the Buckeyes needs to utilize more. It was good to see the balance that we didn’t see last year, gaining 344 yards through the air and 284 yards on the ground. I was also impressed by the defense, forcing 3 turnovers, allowing 126 yards of offense and getting the shutout.

The Bad against Kent State:

The interception Barrett threw was a good throw, but it was into good coverage and was tipped up for an easy catch by the linebacker. He also had a few bad passes and threw into some other questionable coverages. This should be correctable with more experience as they were ‘rookie’ mistakes. That can be the downfall to confidence though.

The Ugly:

I have nothing to say about Ohio State’s performance being ugly, except that Kent State had to endure that 66 to 0 defeat, especially with some of the things that happened to this team in the off-season. It is also ugly that East Carolina defeated Virginia Tech as well, that is going to hurt Ohio State’s chances at a possible birth into the College Football Playoff.

Ohio State is off next week, but will look to build on this confidence as they with host 1-0 Cincinnati Bearcats. The Buckeyes will look to keep their 93 year old streak alive against teams from the state of Ohio.

Despite Slow Start, Ohio State Powers Past Navy

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It has a been a long time since I have done something like this, but let’s get right into it.

The experts had Ohio State as big favorites until Quarterback Braxton Miller went down. The Buckeyes were still favorites on the road in a neutral site, but closer than it was originally thought to be.

Freshman Quarterback J.T. Barrett was given his first opportunity early on. The Buckeyes tried a lot of passes to the flats in the first half as well as a lot of options plays. Really the only passes down the field that were tried for the Ohio State offense were the first pass down the middle that Sophomore Running Back Dontre Wilson short-armed and was incomplete. The other was picked off in the red-zone by Navy’s Senior Safety Parrish Gaines. The Buckeyes struggled and could only manage 6 points.

The defense on the other side gave up quite a bit of yards.I don’t know how much of this was that the offense was getting off the field too quickly and the Midshipmen’s running game was just wearing them down. The pitchman always seemed to be open, but the Buckeyes did enough to hold their opponents to only 7 points, which came from a long drive by Navy with their second possession of the game.

The second half was a different story. Navy received the ball to start it and took the ball into Ohio State’s territory. A misread by Junior Quarterback Keenan Reynolds turned into a bad pitch that Redshirt Freshman Outside Linebacker Darron Lee picked up and returned for a 61 yard return touchdown. The defense did struggle though in the second half as Navy ran misdirection option, gives to the fullback and pitches to the running back that they couldn’t seem to stop.

Barrett and the offense did find their confidence in the second half. He moved around in the pocket to find Senior Wide Receiver Devin Smith for an 80 yard touchdown catch and run. The Buckeyes would take the lead after this score and never look back.

The big questions coming into this game for Ohio State were how would Barrett be able to step into the big shoes that Miller had filled, how would this young and inexperienced offense line fare and would this defense improve from last year?

From what I saw in regards to Miller and Barrett. Miller is a better runner and is more elusive. I thought coming in though that Barrett would be a better passer and he looked like it today. Now I have to say that I would like to see him against a more traditional team than Navy. They run a different style of defense than most teams Ohio State will run into, but he was still efficient. I do like that coach Urban Meyer gave him a lot of short passes to help build his confidence, because when he started to go farther downfield, he looked good. I am looking forward to see what he can do against a better defense as he gets geared up for the Big Ten schedule. I believe he could help bring more balance to an offense that has been extremely run-heavy in years past.

The offense line did struggle early on. There were times when it was beaten by this pretty solid Midshipmen defensive line. There was an early 3rd down where Redshirt Freshman Left Guard Billy Price was beat and another play where Junior Left Tackle Taylor Decker couldn’t keep his guy from putting the pressure on. With that said though, it seemed to me that the more confidence Barrett gained, the more they did as well. This could be attributed to just being bigger and more athletic to their counterparts, but I think with more game reps, the better they will become and grow. Which is something to look forward to for the future if they can mesh.

Finally to the defense. A game against Navy is hard to use as a measuring stick, due to the fact that they run an odd triple-option offense that most teams do not anymore. The defense overall looked good, but they did give up some big runs. They gave up 370 yards of rushing, but only 20 yards passing. 390 yards is too much and needs to tighten up. The defensive line looked good at times and the linebackers as well. I was really impressed with Sophomore Defensive End Joey Bosa and Lee. They are going to need to get better overall, but limiting to a team to only 17 points while giving up that many yards is a victory. The big plays need to be cut down. I will need to see them against a more traditional offense to see if there are any improvements on the defense though.

I will get my wish as Ohio State will be hosting the Virginia Tech Hokies. This will be a primetime, 8:00 pm game on ESPN.

Busy Days and Change

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So I’ve been pretty busy lately. I quit my job and started a new one. A lot of time has gone by between my last post on here until today and much like in my life, there has been a lot of change going on around me as well that I wanted to touch on.

First: we had the turmoil at Penn St. Joe Paterno had been the coach there since my dad was a little boy and all of us didn’t know anything about Penn St. without it being known right along with him. As it turns out, his assistant Jerry Sandusky had been doing things that were inappropriate with young boys (well I guess it’s not proven until a court of law says so, but those are the allegations). Paterno himself didn’t do anything with that, but he did find out. To keep his job at the time he did the right thing, he went to the school, told them and then Sandusky moved on. The problem is, any good human being would of went to the cops as well, which is why Paterno is no longer at Penn St. I don’t think it should tarnish his reputation as a coach, because let’s be honest, he was great at the that, but I do seriously question him as a human being and in decency.

Next on to my Alma Mater yet again, the streak over the scUM skunk bears is finally over with their 6 point victory. What was the greatest thing that could of happened to keep that being the major headline? Urban Meyer was named the head coach at The Ohio State University soon after. Fickell who wasn’t ready to be the head coach at a school that big didn’t do a horrible job. He took a team that was full of youth and rare talent as well as having some key players suspended and led that team to a 6-6 record and a bowl birth in the Urban Bowl or I mean the Gator Bowl to play the hometown Florida Gators, Urban’s last college football team.

Then there was big news about the NBA lockout being over and then to follow it up CP3 gets traded to the Lakers in a 3 team deal, or did it happen? The league voided it almost immediately. So what Stern is saying is that you can’t trade to make another ‘super team’, you have to do it in free agency, even though I’m not convinced the Lakers are any better off if the deal went through.

The Florida Marlins moved to Miami, signed a monster deal to get Jose Reyes and tried to get Albert Pujols. Instead the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim pull the steal and take him, signing a great player who is getting old and will be in his 40s to the 3rd richest contract in baseball history. So Pujols traded in the Cardinal red for Angels red.

Back to my Buckeyes, they suffered their first defeat of the season to the Kansas Jayhawks, on the road, without their best player (Sullinger is having back spasms). It might be bigger news if the Kentucky Wildcats, who were number 1 hadn’t been knocked off right afterwards by the Indiana Hoosiers. Congrats and thanks to them for making our defeat less newsworthy.

We have a new Heisman trophy winner and I think they got it right, congrats to Robert Griffon III. If he didn’t it should of been Montee Ball and his crazy high stats, but Andrew Luck was the runner-up…again.

A lot has happened and a lot was covered, hopefully I can find more time to do this more consistently now. Your opinions?

The State of the Big Ten

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I haven’t posted anything in awhile, so I thought I would come out with a bang on this post. I’ve watched college football for awhile and every season there is surprises and turns, this season is no different. This season though has done it in a different way than most, in that usually there is a team that comes from nowhere to be great, like Clemson looked like they could be this year, but more important this season has been different from teams changing conferences and completely changing the landscape of college football. Last year the Big 10 was a player in this game, while this year they have sat idle. I thought about doing a post about all the changes, but instead I’ll focus on what I focus on every weekend and what I know the best, the state of the Big Ten.

To start, I’ll look at my Alma maters’ division of Leaders. Preseason if you ask anyone, they would all say that Wisconsin would run away with this division since Russell Wilson transferred in. That was how it looked for the beginning of the season, until they ran into two thrilling games where they were upset on two late Hail Mary throws, first by Michigan State and then by Ohio State. They now find themselves 2-2, 1-1 in the division. They still are in the thick of things, with four conference games to end their year, 3 of which are in the division and with the final game being against the team that is in the lead of the division right now, Penn St.

I’ll talk about them next, Penn St. They have sole control of the division being the only team who has not lost a conference game yet. Actually, Penn St. hasn’t lost a game since they played Alabama. They are sitting at 5-0 right now in conference play and 3 of which are games from teams in their division. They haven’t been putting up the greatest games on offense, but their defense is shutting teams down and giving themselves a chance to win every week. They are running into the strongest part of their schedule though now too, with a bye week this week they then have to play Nebraska at home, then traveling to Ohio State and Wisconsin. They have their destiny in their hands, but that is a brutal schedule.

To look at next I’ll talk about my team, the Ohio State Buckeyes. When this season seemed all, but lost, some of the suspended players returned and we saw what the team could of been if they would of received the same treatment as other major schools got. They find themselves back in the Big Ten title hunt after they beat two ranked opponents back-to-back in Illinois and Wisconsin. They are 2-2 in conference, but more importantly 2-0 in their division. They have to play Indiana, travel to Purdue before hosting Penn St. and then that all important game to end the regular season, going up to Ann Arbor to Michigan.

These three teams all have legitimate shots at winning the division and it will make for some great football to see who will come out in the end.

Now on to Legends division, at the beginning of the year everyone thought that it would come down to Michigan St. or Nebraska, with most giving the nod to Nebraska, but there has been a surprise team here, the University of Michigan, who I will start with. They have been known for their offense in the last few years and this year though, it has actually been down compared to last year. Robinson has had more turnovers and statistically it has been worse, but that hasn’t been what has won their games lately, it has been their defense. They have been using a ‘bend-not break’ style that has forced many key turnovers in big situations which has been a big reason why they’ve been winning. Their schedule has been favorable for them, but they do have some important games coming up that will decide their season. This week they go to Iowa, who was a contender for the division until they were upset by Minnesota this last week, they then go to Illinois before they host Nebraska and Ohio State. So sitting at 2-1 right now in the division with 2 more games to go, they have some work to do, but if they win, they could find themselves there.

Next I’ll go to the team that handed Michigan their only loss this year thus far, Michigan St. They were on top of the world during their brutal schedule, having beat Ohio State, Michigan and Wisconsin in consecutive games, before they were finally thumped by Nebraska. Despite that loss, they find themselves tied at the top and sitting at 1-1 in the division with three divisional games to go. They do find themselves now in the easiest part of the schedule and by winning out, as they host Minnesota, go to Iowa, host Indiana and then travel to Northwestern. They need a little bit of help to still win the division, we will see when everything is played out.

Finally the team that really controls its own destiny for this division is Nebraska. They were thumped by Wisconsin, they had an amazing comeback over Ohio State and then they just put a hurting on Michigan St. They now find themselves tied at the top of the division, but really they control it as they are undefeated in the divisional play, sitting at 2-0. Their remaining schedule is tough where they host Northwestern, go to Penn St., travel to Michigan and then play Iowa at home. As long as they keep winning, they’ll be in Indianapolis at the end.

The Big Ten is shaping up to have a great finale with some key match-ups coming up. This conference won’t decide who will be playing for the National Championship, but this football is exciting and in a down year for the conference, we still have a shot at winning our BCS game and bringing home the Rose Bowl championship, depending on who wins the conference championship game.

Your opinion?

Big Day in Detroit

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So today is finally the day that I get to watch the Detroit Lions in primetime. As all of you know by now, the Lions take on the Chicago Bears as we look to go 5-0 for the first time in my lifetime. This also marks our first Monday night appearance since I was in junior high (a game against the St. Louis Rams in 1999 when they were the greatest show on turf and we actually beat the eventually Super Bowl champs handily). We should also be seeing the debut of our first draft pick Nick Fairley as well. The sick feeling I’m having? I’m a Detroit Lions have and they have been known to let me down.

We are being talked about now by the national media and we are play good, but I’ve seen them play good and then there’s the collapse. A few years out, the Lions started out 5-1, only to finish the season 6-10. We understand as Detroit fans what can happen to us, since we have seen it happen before. Does that mean we don’t root for them? Never. Did I watch as many of the Lions 16 straight defeats in a season? I was living in Columbus at the time, but every week the gamecast was up on my computer and when I was home I was in front of the TV.

Now I don’t want to sound like I’m jinxing them or saying they will. I’m saying as a Detroit fan it makes me nervous and I hope we can keep this going. They just need to stop spotting the other team 20 points before we mount a comeback.

The other important game that features Detroit is the Tigers playing game 2 of the ALCS. The rain seems to follow us where ever we go. First New York, now Texas as it delayed game 1 twice and postponed the 2nd. Detroit’s momentum was also delayed in the that first game as Verlander didn’t look like himself as he allowed 3 runs. I don’t blame him though, our offense is better than what it showed. Not to make excuses though, when rain delay two occurred, the Tigers did have the bases loaded with a struggling pitcher on the mound.

As I’ve said, big day in Detroit. I’m excited, it landed on one of my rare days off and I will definitely be taking full advantage of it. Opinions?

For as bad as we looked…

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That game should of been worse. The Buckeye offense reminds me of the team right after we won the National Championship. Clarett tried to get into the NFL and left our running game in shambles with Lydell Ross and Maurice Hall. Today though it wasn’t the running game that couldn’t get started, because there was some life there, it really is tough to get started when they’re blitzing everyone. The running game couldn’t get started because of the real problem with our, the passing game.

Broxton Miller got the started and he had happy feet the whole time. Do I think he will do this his whole career? No. Do I think he is as ready to start like Pryor was? No. It doesn’t help him though that our offense line couldn’t protect him with enough time to settle himself, but I also blame the coaching staff for not having our receivers run routes to beat the blitzes. The plays we ran while we were being blitzed were bad and it made our passing game look even worse.

Joe Bauserman came in later in the game and didn’t have much success. The frustrating part of watching him is one play he overthrows a receiver badly, then the very next play will under-throw it. I have to give him credit on that touchdown drive. He hit an open receiver who did a great job at keeping his feet after a hit and avoiding the shut-out.

The true unsung heroes of this game though? The defense. They did everything they could to keep that game close and I give them all the praise in the world for it. They picked off Cousins twice, once in the end zone, as well as recovering a fumble. They held the score at 7 for a long time before finally conceding a field goal. I think our defense holding them to 10 is amazing and the offense needed to at least match the opposing offense.

With that being said, for as bad as we looked, we only lost by 3. There was an onside that we almost recovered which would of gave us the ball back with 7 seconds. Enough time for a Hail Mary, a miracle would of been needed, but crazier things have happened.

Next week the Buckeyes will play Nebraska, who will either be rebounding from a loss at Wisconsin or are coming off a big win, but what’s important for the Buckeyes is they will be returning Posey, who should help the young receiving corp, Boom Herron who should do the same with the running game and Adams at left tackle, which should give us much needed help were we are struggling. Your thoughts?

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